There are a few methods to melt candy melts. I prefer the microwave as I think it’s the quick and easiest methods. But, there are a few more ways. This post contains affiliate links.

Close up of a rainbow of candy melts in different white dishes.

You can melt candy melting wafers using a few methods: the microwave, the slow cooker, the double boiler or an electric melting pot.

Sometimes the way you melt them really depends on what you’re making.

How do you use the Microwave to Melt Candy Melts?

I tend to stick with the microwave for all my candy melting needs. I don’t own a melting pot, and I’m very good at burning myself with a double boiler. To me, the microwave is the safest place.

Melted chocolate in a glass bowl.

If you’re using the microwave, use a microwave-safe bowl!

  • Microwave the melting candy in 30-second increments. Stir after each time, and then microwave again for another 30 seconds.
  • Keep doing this until the melting candy is completely smooth and runs like honey when you lift up the spoon. (If yours is not smooth like honey, scroll down for tips to easily get it that way.)
  • For 1 typical bag of melting candy, it takes me about about 3 x 30-second increments and stirring to get them melted and smooth.

Over the years, I have found that Fiestaware is definitely not microwave safe when it comes to candy melts. The bowls get super hot on the outside, and the candy melts will not melt nice and smooth. They get clumpy and burn and turn hard.

Corelle brand bowls are wonderful and my favorite microwave-safe brand to melt candy melts.

Disposable Bags of Candy Melting Wafers – Microwave method

There is a new brand of candy melts that come in a plastic bag made for melting and then squeezing it out for use. They’re called Easy Candy. I’ve seen these at Michaels recently.

If you’re using these bags of melting candy, microwave in the microwave method, but instead of stirring, you’ll squeeze the bag between heating to blend the candy together. When completely melted, snip off end of bag and squeeze melted candy to use. Throw away bag when empty.

Squeeze Bottle of Melting Candy Wafers – Microwave method

I don’t like to heat plastic in the microwave, so I tend to melt the candy melts in a bowl and then transfer to the bottle after melting.

If you want to melt them in the bottle all together, fill a microwave-safe plastic bottle half full with melting candy wafers. Leave the lid OFF.

Microwave at 50% power or the defrost setting in 1-minute increments.

Knead the bottle gently to mix and continue melting at 15-second intervals until the candy is completely melted and smooth. When melted, screw the lid back on the bottle and squeeze the candy to use.

How do you use the Double Boiler to Melt Candy Melts?

Melted white chocolate in a double boiler made of glass.

Fill the lower pan with water to just below the level of top pan. Then, heat the water until it reaches a simmer. Then, immediately remove it from the heat and add the melting candy wafers to the top pan and set it over the lower pan. Quickly begin stirring constantly until smooth and completely melted.

How do you use a Melting Pot to Melt Candy Melts?

Pink melted candy melts in a melting pot.
  • Begin by preheating the melting pot for about 5 minutes before adding any candy melting wafers.
  • When the melting pot is preheated, add a bag of melting candy. It should take an entire bag, but definitely double check the instructions and make sure it can hold that much.
  • Stir the candy melts occasionally as they melt, which should take a few minutes.

When they are completely melted and smooth, you’re ready to start dipping!

How do you use the Slow Cooker to Melt Candy Melts?

This method is for large of melting candy such as 3 1/2 to 5 lbs. DO NOT MELT LESS THAN 3 1/2 LBS USING THIS METHOD.

Begin by adding one package of melting candy into the slow cooker and set on low. Always use the LOW SETTING. Stir occasionally as it melts.

After about 15-20 minutes, when the melting candy is almost completely melted, add a second package of melting candy. Again, stir occasionally until completely melted.

Then, keep doing this same method, until each package of melting candy is melted.

With this method, you can melt up to 5 lbs in the slow cooker, which should take about 45-50 minutes to completely melt and be ready to use.

Pouring melted chocolate into molds.

How do you make Candy Melts smooth?

When your candy melts are completely melted and smooth, they should run from the spoon back to the bowl like honey. If they are gloppy, you’ll need to smooth them out. You can do this one of two ways:

Personally, I use the oil flakes. I find adding shortening a little difficult. The flakes make it so easy.

I just add a small pinch of the oil flakes and stir and add small pinches multiple times until the consistency is good.

If using shortening, add 1 teaspoon per 12 oz of candy melts.

Both methods are fine because don’t add any odor or taste to the melted candy. And, when the candy melt hardens, you can easily reheat it again, even if you’ve added shortening or crystals.

Never add liquids like milk, cream or water to the melting candy. Doing this can make it completely unusable.

 A rainbow of candy melts in various white bowls with hands holding two of them.

What to do with leftover melting candy?

If you have any leftover candy from your project, you can let it harden and use it again later on.

I like to dollop it out on wax paper, let it harden, and then peel off the dollops and add all them to a ziploc bag to store. I keep mine like this for 3-6 months to reuse.

Make sure your candy is free of any crumbs and there is no water that can get into it before storing.

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